Private swimming lessons in Surrey

Learning swimming through the Internet

You can learn almost anything online!  From crochet to cricket and calculus — you will be able to find a video or written guide with someone explaining how to get started.

There are even swimming lessons for children and adults available online.  They range from simple lessons shared on social media websites through to complete swimming courses that have been designed by professionals.

This post will take a closer look at the types of online swimming lessons that are available.  We’ll also explain how these online lessons are best used in conjunction with private swimming lessons.  Let’s get started!

Youtube Swimming Lessons If you look past the many cat videos, you will find some very useful instructional videos for swimmers on YouTube.  These videos range from basic swimming lessons for children through to advanced videos to help older swimmers improve their performance during competitions.  Some of the best YouTube video channels include:

Elizabeth Swims

The Elizabeth Swims YouTube channel follows the story of a young girl who is learning to swim.  These videos show Elizabeth entering the pool for the first time and gradually learning how to swim different strokes.  They are fun videos that can encourage your children to develop better skills in the pool.

Steven Shaw from Art of Swimming

Steven Shaw is a former competitive swimmer who has developed a method for teaching swimming, known as the Shaw Method.  Steven’s website is called The Art of Swimming.  It shares some useful resources and interesting articles.  Steven has uploaded some short videos on YouTube that display excellent swimming technique.  You can find them on the ShawSwim YouTube channel.

Effortless Swimming The Effortless Swimming YouTube channel offers some advanced content that helps older children improve their technique.  It is a great option for children interested in swimming competitively.

Howcast Swimming Lessons

Howcast produces many excellent how-to videos on different topics.  They have produced dozens of children swimming lessons that are easy-to-understand and perfect for children learning new strokes.

Udemy Swimming Lessons Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online.  It has more than 55,000 courses taught by expert instructors.  The Udemy website has many children swimming lessons available including an excellent freestyle class and backstroke class.  The prices for these courses range from $15 through to a few hundred dollars.

Go Swim is one of the largest online resources for swimming lessons.  It offers lessons that cover everything from basic swimming techniques to advanced racing techniques.  It is an excellent resources for older children who are interested in improving their technique.  You can view some of their videos on the GoSwim YouTube channel.

MySwimPro MySwimPro is an iOS and Android phone app that offers a series of swimming instructional videos, training programs, and performance tracking.  It is very useful for tracking the performance of older children and helping them to remain motivated.  They will be able to see their swimming skills improve each week, which is very encouraging.

Combining online lessons with private swimming lessons

Of course, all of the videos and instructional guides in the world will not help your children unless they actually get into the pool!  That’s why private swimming lessons will always be an integral part of learning how to swim.


Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy is the leading provider of private swimming lessons in Surrey.  We are passionate about helping children learn to swim and reaching their potential in the pool.  Our talented swimming teachers will create a swimming training program that is ideal for your child’s age and skill level.

We can combine our private swimming lessons with any online tools that you would like to use — ensuring your child has the best learning experience.


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