Best Drills For Frontcrawl Kick

Frontcrawl is one of the most popular swimming styles, and is used all over the world. However, despite its popularity, it is one of the more difficult styles to learn, due to the required breathing techniques and synchronisation between the arms and legs.


There are several drills available to assist in learning, perfecting and improving this style. One of these drills is referred to as the kicking drill. This is a technique combining breast stroke arms and front crawl legs. The idea of this is to encourage strong front crawl legs, without worrying about synchronising the arms or worrying about the breath. You can continue to keep your head above water to breathe. Arms continue to move in small, slow movements. The result is a strong, confident front crawl technique.



Alternatively, the kicking drill can consist of swimming on your side, looking to the bottom of the pool, with your bottom arm extended up and your top arm by your side. Kick one length of the pool, and then switch sides to kick the next length. Turn your head to the side when you need to breathe. This is a more advanced version of the kicking drill because you do need to move your head to breathe. The plus side is that it is great practice for the breathing during front crawl.


Vertical Free Kicking

To help to strengthen your legs and core, and improve your technique, vertical kicking is a great drill. It can be used by professionals, or complete beginners, and can be done in any deep pool. You don’t need lanes or a lot of room, so it’s a great technique to practice when your local pool is slightly overcrowded.


Simply continue to kick the legs, vertically, to increase strength and stamina. Work to get as many kicks into a minute as you can.


Frontcrawl is an extremely efficient swimming style and is well worth every effort to master the technique.

Why Over 25% Of UK Children Cannot Swim?

According to recent studies, nearly half of British children are unable to swim, and 1 in 3 children are still unable to swim when leaving primary school. This figure is, quite frankly, shocking, and also, dangerous.

School Swimming

One reason for this declining figure of confident young swimmers, is that schools no longer offer as much opportunity to swim as they have done in previous years. One of the reasons for this is due to the decreased access to facilities. Over the past 20 years, there has been a dramatic decrease in school pools. Another reason is due to the cost of transportation to access a public pool. This expense and inconvenience means that, despite swimming being on the Key Stage 2 national curriculum, it is not a priority for many primary schools.


Many parents say that the cost of private swim schools is too expensive for them to be able to afford. Despite it being seen in many families as life saving skill, it is still not at the top of their list of priorities when families are on a budget.


Time is another major factor as to why parents do not take their children to learn to swim. With the work/life balance seemingly more of a juggling act than ever before, it is no wonder parents are struggling to get their children to swim classes.


One in 3 children between the ages of 10-16 are still unable to swim. This age bracket makes up the highest number of drownings, which really highlights the urgency of the matter. Swimming is more than just a luxury. It is a vital life skill that can save your children’s and others’ lives. We need to reverse these statistics, and it looks like it’s down to the parents to do so.

Existing Promotions/Offers At Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy

There are many choices for swim schools in the local area, and it can be tough to decide which one to opt for when initially, they seem to offer the same thing. However, it is worth doing your research, because there are things which set each school apart from one another, and you want to ensure you are choosing the perfect option for your little ones.

Highly recommended private or semi-private children’s swimming lessons are available with Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy. Classes take place in a friendly, fun environment in Camberley, Surrey. The professional, experienced team encourage and tutor their students to become confident in the water, and capable swimmers.

Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy is a local, professional, reputable swim school, which offers great value for money. Below are the available promotions at present, allowing you to get even more for your money.


Free Trial Lesson

It’s all very well reading how good a swim school is, but the only way to really be able to judge is to try a session. Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy are so confident you will love their classes, that they offer a free trial to all clients to show what all the fuss is about.


Annual Booking Discount

When you book a year’s worth of swimming, you can enjoy the benefit of a 10% discount. It’s Surrey Dolphins way of saying thank you for your loyalty.


Refer A Friend

The best businesses survive on recommendations, and Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy like to thank any referrals by offering a 10% discount to anyone who makes a successful recommendation.


Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy also offers £30 worth of M&S/Amazon shopping vouchers when you refer a friend.

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Private Pools VS Public Pools

Many of us don’t have the luxury of having access to a private pool, and so probably rarely consider the pros and cons between the two. However, if you could choose which you would prefer to use and why?


Public pools can often be busier than private pools, especially during peak times. Public pools, even when split into lane swimming sessions, can still be frustrating when you get stuck behind someone, or when you are being overtaken by someone in the incorrect lane. This can negatively impact the quality of your swim, as it can be harder to swim efficiently when you need to adapt your pace to match someone else’s.


Private pools can be available whenever you require them to be, however a public pool usually has set open hours. This can prove inconvenient if the opening hours don’t suit your schedule. People who work shifts or unsociable hours are often unable to commit to regular sessions because of this inflexibility of timing.


Due to the sheer volume of traffic at a public pool, changing rooms and the pools themselves are often less clean than private pools. People often don’t shower when entering a swimming pool, meaning they contaminate the water with lose hair, lotions, sweat and other bodily excretions. In a private pool, it is far easier to monitor who is entering and exiting, and also easier to insist on showering.

This leads to less bacteria, resulting in less risks of germs and illness in a private pool, than a public pool.

In addition to the reasons above, there’s also the benefit of more controlled chlorine levels, ensuring less germs and less risk of lung problems. The negative aspects would include a potential lack of lifeguards and inability to meet new people.

Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy provides swimming lessons only in private pools. Why not to take this advantage and sign up for your free trial lesson?